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Your skincare routine – Step by step

For a long time now, skincare has become a really important part of our lives and the truth is, skincare routines are here to stay.  Taking care of our skin has gone from being a boring process to a complete selfcare ritual.

There are so many diverse types of skin, and therefore there are many different products to cater for each one of them. However, wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect skincare routine that lasts for no longer than 5 minutes that works for all types of skin?

We would like to show you the perfect skincare routine that you can introduce into your morning routine to get clean and fresh skin in just a few steps.

1. The Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover: Never, never ever forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. With this biphasic makeup remover, you can remove all your makeup including your waterproof makeup with just one wipe. It contains witch hazel extract and aloe vera that help soothe your skin. It’s perfect for the most sensitive areas like the eyes and lips.

2. The Yellow Cleanser: Use this cleanser to clean your skin and leave it feeling super comfortable and nourished.

3. The Blue Gel Cleanser: Use it to clean and refresh your skin or to finish off your complete cleansing routine. It is the perfect ally to purify, soothe and refresh your skin, thanks to the aloe vera.

4.The Pink Toner: It’s 3 products in 1: cleanses, refreshes and tones your skin as well as providing hydration.

5.The Sorbet Face Cream: It’s a face cream with a sorbet texture and an almond oil and rice formula that gives your skin a soft nourishment, leaving it hydrated and fresh. It is suitable for all skin types.

6.The Lip Balm: Keep your lips hydrated with this creamy formula that contains shea butter and vitamins to make sure your lips are protected and super soft


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