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Trend Alert: White Eyeliner

If you like makeup, your TikTok "for you page" has probably been flooded with videos featuring the white eyeliner filter. The simplicity of a look with white corner of the eyes and nude lips illuminating the face has taken over social platforms.



But because we know that there is life beyond a 15 second video, we want to give you the tips on how to recreate the look at home with only two products.



The Color Pen Eyeliner 100: simple and effortless. A white liquid eyeliner. It has a super precise felt tip so you can get that perfect line. It lasts up to 14 hours, so your look stays put all day long.



 The Color Pen Eyeliner 100


The Lipstick 503: it's the perfect nude, we can't say it enough. A highly pigmented shade, a lovely silky finish and a sweet vanilla caramel aroma, it's the perfect complement to your white eyeliner.


Why are you waiting to try the look of the summer?



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