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How to overline your lips

Here's one of our most popular TikTok videos: How to get the appearance of bigger lips with an overlip.

You only have a few minutes to get a lip look that will turn heads and you dont want to use more than two products? No problem! We introduce you to the products that will help you achieve this:


Lip tutorial with @gioconda_ros 💘 #beautyhack #beautytips

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  • The Automatic Lip Pencil: It’s a retractable lip pencil in with a long lasting, creamy formula. In addition, you will never lose precision because there is a small pencil sharpener hidden at the end of the pencil. All the tones correspond with The Lipticks. Like all our products, it’s cruelty free, vegan and made in Europe.
  • The Longwear Lipstick: It is a long-wearing liquid lipstick that lasts up to 8H without smudging. This lipstick can withstand everything, its super comfortable to wear and it doesn’t dry out your lips (something we are always happy about!). You could also use our favorite, The Lipstick, but in this case we want our lips to last for a long time.

Now, let’s get right into it. Choose your favourite shade of The Automatic Lip Pencil. We are going to choose a classic red, such as our iconic 250 for example.

Draw a thin line around your lips, following the natural line. Little by little, to create a bigger looking effect, you can exagerate the line, without going overboard.

Once you have finished lining your lips, get The Longwear Lipstick in the same shade, also 250 (the numbers represent colors, but we will tell you more about this later on) and fill in your lips without going over the line you Drew with The Automatic Lip Pencil.

And… Done! A bigger lip effect in less than 1 minute.

Magic! You have your overlip. Remember that you have a large variety of colors to choose from: pinks, nudes, reds, purples and burgandy tones… Try it out and if you upload a photo or video to Instagram or TikTok, remember to tag us so that we can see it.

Oh! And remember: Beauty is All The Colors.


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