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How to extend the lifespan of your mascara

At 3INA we have just launched a new campaign ‘EYE LEVELS: 24H MAKEUP’.  
We have gone all in with our makeup game and we want you to do the same!  
We are giving you the right tools to create a complete eye look with 24H long-wearing products. They will stay put all day (and all night). 
The 3INA family keeps growing and we are going to introduce you to our newest member, The 24H Level Up Mascara. This new formula is applied with our hourglass-shaped wand and it is designed to reach every single one of your lashes from roots to ends. LEVEL UP will give your lashes a ‘false-not-false’ effect.  

Volume: watch your lashes magically multiply, as The 24H Level Up Mascara adds volume and thickness whilst still looking natural.  

Length: this formula evenly coats, stretches and expands your lashes to reach new heights, adding unbelievable length for fluttery lashes that can be built-up.  

Duration: certified with a 24H stamp, this mascara will stay put for a whole day, no re-application needed. Leave the house with mascara on and come back with mascara on. It’s the perfect back-to-school mascara. 

All-terrain: The 24H Level Up Mascara comes in two finishes: Normal and Waterproof. Come rain or shine, laugh ’til you cry. You’ll always be ready to take on the day.  

And now for the million-dollar question: How can you extend the lifespan of your mascara and prevent it from drying out?  
Like all cosmetic products, our mascaras have a PAO (Period After Opening) which means that once you open a product for the first time and it comes in contact with air, you have a certain period of time to use it before it begins to lose its benefits. 

The 24H Level Up Mascara has a PAO of 6 months, which means that you can keep using it for 6 months if you take care of it as we mention below. The steps to follow to care for your mascara are the following: 
Keep your mascara in an upright, vertical position: this will ensure that the liquid is always at the bottom of the container which is where the brush is when your mascara is closed. 

Make sure that the mascara is closed properly: this is a super important step, under no circumstances should any air get in the tube. 
Don’t push the wand in and out of the tube: this action (that is often impulsive) pushes more air into the tube which will make it dry our sooner. 
Store in a dry place: avoid rooms where the temperature will vary a lot such as a bathroom, to ensure its properties will remain intact. 

By following these steps, The 24h Level Up Mascara, or any other mascara for that matter, will remain as good as new.  



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