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Fashion Week Makeup Trends

Fashion week has ended, and it has left us with new looks that invite us to experiment and play with makeup. Here we will show you the latest makeup trends and show you how to recreate them: 

1. Dark, Bold Looks. 

Fashion brands like Chanel, Eckhaus Latta and Fara Homidi swear by dark and black tones to create defined and feminine looks. 

Use a palette with nude shades to define the natural shape of your eye. Then apply a black shadow just on the outer edge of the eye and with the help of a round brush, blend the shadow inward for a smoky effect. If you dare, use a cream shadow in black to intensify the smokey look. 





2. Natural, glowing skin 

The healthy skin trend is here to stay. The runway was filled with juicy, natural-looking skin. 

Start the look by applying your moisturizer to your face (oh, and don't forget your neck). If you notice your skin is duller, you can apply a few drops of oil for some extra moisture and to give your skin a luminous effect. Then choose a medium coverage foundation to correct your imperfections whilst still allowing your skin shine through. Finally, apply a cream highlighter on the upper cheekbones and upper lip to define your features and make the most of your face. Finish by applying a lip balm and voilà! 




3. Bold lips 

The classic that never goes out of style - red lips were the star of designer shows like Michael Kors' '90s-inspired shows. 

To get that impactful red, start by moisturizing the lip so you have a perfect base to work from. With a red liner, line your lips and gently blend inward to create a more natural, less precise effect. Apply your red lipstick, filling in your lips completely. Finish the look by applying a lighter gloss in centre or in the same shade for a more glamorous look. 






4. White and luminous liner 

Undoubtedly, Dior had the most revolutionary look in fashion week. With white as the protagonist, they opted for a reverse eyeliner. With this minimalist trend, they gave air of elegance and openness to the look. 

Because it is a more daring style, we suggest you do draw your white eyeliner following the edge of the upper eyelash and extend it to the tear duct to give luminosity to your look. For this, we recommend a liquid eyeliner pen for more precision. Finally, apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes to create an open-eye effect. 






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