Mini Konjacs


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Trust in the Konjac power! Use this Mini Konjacs with your favorite cleanser for a better cleansing routine.
They lightly exfoliate the skin without drying it or creating a sesation of discomfort and are suitable for every skin type.
Gray – Charcoal/Bamboo:
Contains activated carbon and various minerals that are perfect for removing excess oil and those teenage with oily skin.
White – 100% pure konjac:
It helps to balance the PH of the skin while still gently cleansing and exfoliating the dead skin cells leaving your skin clean and refreshed. Best for super sensitive and infant skins and all skin types. You can use the pure Konjac sponge with your daily cleanser.
Pink – Clay:
This rich of minerals konjac sponge helps with the rosacea condition and is ideal for mature and dry skin that need rejuvenating. It’s great for dry and sensitive skins.

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