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The Longwear Lipstick


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Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Paraben Free

The Longwear Lipstick

Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Paraben Free
Believe the hype.

Power up your pout with this, the ultimate liquid lipstick. For vivid color that won’t budge, apply a generous sweep to dry, clean lips. Line your cupid’s bow with the applicator tip for a precise finish. The creamy, mess-free formula sets to a silky matte finish – and stays put until it's swept away in seconds with The Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover. Selfie-ready, all day long, in twenty shades.

Creamy application, intense color and a silky, long-lasting finish. Invincible lip color from dusk til´dawn.


Easy Application
Easy Application
Highly Pigmented
Highly Pigmented
Long Lasting
Long Lasting


Waxes Combination

Mixing the best quality vegetable waxes, we give the 3INA formula the creamy texture hydrating your hair and skin.

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6 Reviews
4.65 Average star rating
Liquid matte, hyper long-lasting!
I had never seen a product in this format before and was actually a bit skeptical about it. I normally don't like liquid lipsticks because they are always super messy, but in this case I was quite impressed! Perfect matte finish, super long lasting, no uncomfortable stickyness. Definitely good value for the price, I might buy it in different colours!
The Longwear Lipstick
The Longwear Lipstick #505, this deep stained-wine color is one of my personal favorites!
Lives up to its name
This is some seriously great lipstick. The 500 is my absolute favourite shade of red. It really does last all day and doesn't transfer much once it's dry. It can feel a little dry on the lips but if you exfoliate and moisturise well before applying, you'll forget it's there. Using a creamy lipliner under it will also really help keep your lips hydrated while you have it on (and change the shade a little, which can be useful. For example 504 lipliner turns the 500 a deep, delicious red, while 509 brightens it).
The first lipgloss which actually works
This lasts so well!! I was shocked how well it works. Beautiful colours & really lovely product.
best by far
this lip colour is the first product I bought from 3ina (canberra) and honestly I am shook!
its the perfect nude shade for my very pale, but pink toned skin, it doesn't make me look dead like a lot of "nude" colours I've tried by similar priced brands.
it looks good on everyone too, the ultimate interchangeable colour.
its soft and buttery, drys matte and wont budge but is easy to remove at the end of the day with a makeup wipe.
the fact that these products are cruelty free is another fantastic feature, love this brand <3
Stays put
Stays in all day