Where can I find details of 3INA stores?
Just tap the 'Our Stores' tab for details of all current stores as well as exciting new openings! We think you'll be surprised at where you'll be able to find us. Watch this space...
What do I do if I've forgotten my password?
Not an issue! Just click the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the login page and you'll be sent an email to the address you registered with with details of how to change it.
Why can't I log in?
This is probably either because you are using an un-registered email address or an incorrect password. To log in successfully make sure you have already registered for an account with us.
Why can't I register?
We're sorry about that! It may be that you've already used that email address when registering with us. Have a go at logging in as an existing member and if you still run into problems, let us know at
How can I get involved in collaborations with 3INA?
3INA champions the discovery and defence of the new. If you think we could collaborate together on something creative we'd love to hear from you! Whether you're a blogger, musician, artist or something else entirely - come and say hello at
Where can I get up to date information on all things 3INA?
We're thrilled that you want to know more about the brand, and we really want communication between us to be a two way street. If you subscribe to our mailing list we'll send you all our latest news and exciting new content, or if you have any questions or feedback at all please get in touch at
How do I find out more information about 3INA products?
You can find out all about our products on their individual product pages, or if you have any further questions, let us know by emailing
Do you test on animals? Or sell products which have been tested on animals by a third party?
No, we absolutely do not test on animals or get a third party to do it for us. Who could? All of our products are manufactured in the EU where animal testing in the cosmetics industry has been strictly forbidden since 2013.
Will a 3INA store be opening in a city near me soon?
3INA are first and foremost a global brand, and we are always looking for vibrant and exciting new places to bring our unique ethos to. If you want up to date information on our latest openings take a look at our social media pages or subscribe to our mailing list.
When will I be able to buy 3INA products online?
Don't worry, we're working on it! We plan to make our products available for delivery very soon. If you sign up to our mailing list you'll be the first to know, plus we'll keep you in the loop about all the exciting things we're up to and how you can be part of our local 3INA Maker gang!
How is 3INA different from other beauty brands?
We believe that beauty is relative, not absolute. Our products deliver on what they promise but that doesn't mean they are only there to make you look good. We intend to deliver on the promise that make up, and by definition, 3INA, is really about fun, experimentation and above all, feeling like yourself.
Where are 3INA products currently available?
You can currently buy 3INA products at our London flagship in Covent Garden and at our Athens flagship in The mall Athens, but keep an eye out for additional stores popping up in Milan, and a number of other exciting locations worldwide! We'll be launching online soon too. Sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted!
Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, we are vegetarian friendly
Are your products suitable for vegans?
3INA make use of beeswax and other natural animal-derived ingredients in our products making them unsuitable for vegans. Our brushes use only synthetic materials and are suitable for vegans.
Do you have plans to sell products in China?
We currently have no plans to trade in China.