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a5 highly pigmented shades
aHyper precise tip and easy to use
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Made in Europe

Cruelty Free

 What’s better than The Color Pen Eyeliner? 5 The Color Pen Eyeliners! If like us you can’t choose just one color,now you don’t have to.

This Kit is for everyone who wants more color:

a bright team of highly pigmented and long wearing eyeliner pens, perfect for mixing it up and getting creative.

You had The Jackson 5, Maroon 5, Fith Harmony… and now 5 pen eyeliner’s and 5 more reasons to get bold with color and show the world your eyeliner superpowers! Includes our absolute best seller The 24H Pen Eyeliner.

This Eyeliner kit contains:

·       The 24H Pen Eyeliner 900

·       The Color Pen Eyeliner 100

·       The Color Pen Eyeliner 137

·       The Color Pen Eyeliner 482

·       The Color Pen Eyeliner 850


We are not here to tell you how to do your eyeliner. We’re here to show everyone how YOU make it work and inspire others to have a go at it.

MY-LINER, a campaign created to give you the platform to share your eyeliner superpowers! Have a technique? We want to see it. And because we can all use a little help, 3INA has the perfect tools to make it as easy and colorful as possible. 

This is My-Liner.       

What’s yours?

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