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The 5 products you can't miss in your makeup bag

If you're a makeup expert and you're told you can only choose 5 makeup products, you will flat out refuse to limit yourself to only five. So many possibilities, so much color, so many finishes, how can you choose only five? But… It's possible! Today we are going to share our makeup essential must-haves. 

  • Black eyeliner: A classic and a basic. Our favorite iss The 24H Pen Eyeliner: it is matte black, it lasts for 24 hours and its pen format makes it super-easy to apply. 

  • Red lipstick: The star of the most iconic makeup looks in history. There's no need to say too much about the now legendary lipstick. At 3INA there are different lipstick formats and many shades of red, but if we could only choose one, it would be The Longwear Lipstick 250. A powerful, matte red that transfer-proof and lasts up to 8 hours. 

  • Mascara: No eye makeup is complete without long, defined, and voluminous lashes. It's not easy to put it all together in one mascara, but The 24H Level Up Mascara. It lasts up to 24 hours and comes in a waterproof version.

  • Blusher: This season's star product. Don't forget to apply color on your cheeks (or wherever you want) with a blush in your favorite shade. The Blush comes in 10 shades from more natural shades to bright colors. Blend it on your cheekbones, nose, chin, wherever you like! 

  • Bronzer: Bronzers are here to stay. Whether you want to sculpt your face with the contouring technique or just give your skin the appearance of a tan, The Bronzer is the one for you! It comes in two different finishes, matte and glowy, for a soft and naturally tanned complexion. 


These are our favorite basics, tell us which are yours in comments. 



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